Never Wake Up to Tea or Coffee

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  • Never start your day with caffeine – be it coffee or tea. Caffeine should not be the first thing that you give your body on an empty stomach.
  • EAT real food within 10 – 15 minutes of waking up. Pick up that glass of fresh juice or even better a bowl of fruits or simply sip some warm water to kick-start your system.
  • Wake up → Warm water → Breakfast → Coffee

For most of us, getting our morning coffee/tea is an absolute necessity. It has a special meaning in each of our lives.  Most of us are compulsive tea drinkers and cannot imagine our morning without bed tea.  Drinking bed tea, first thing in the morning, is a common practice in most Indian households and we all love to start our day with a piping hot cup.

Drinking coffee has tons of health benefits, such as protecting your brain from dementia, antioxidants in black tea or the catechins that can boost your immunity and your metabolism etc. Caffeine is known to give you an instant energy boost.

However, giving your body a strong dose of caffeine on an empty stomach may have side effects that include nausea, dizziness and other unpleasant sensations. It is also very bad for health and digestive system. In this article, I have we’ve rounded up five reasons why it is best to avoid tea as the first thing you have in the morning.

Drinking Tea on Empty Stomach Mask your hunger and keep you hungry for long time

When you sleep, your blood sugar level drops in the night. In the morning our liver stores are almost empty. So our blood sugar is low. That is why we feel ‘low’ and ‘lazy’ in the morning.

Our body breaks down our muscles and lean tissue into glucose to keep our sugar up.  Which is not anyway good for our health. So to keep our body’s fat burning tissue (muscle) alive we must eat real food.  Eating real food slowly increases our blood sugar levels. This kicks in action of insulin, which is secreted by the body as a response to an increase in blood sugar levels, which facilitates our hungry cells to get the nutrients that it is craving for.

But many people drink coffee/tea on empty stomach instead of eating real food. Stimulants provided through tea and coffee increase blood sugar level but provide zero nutrition to the cells that have been starving for the last 9 to 10 hours or more. Moreover the strong cup of coffee/tea can mask your hunger, so you go hungry without realizing a long time. All it does it create a huge calorie deficit in the morning and then the body has no other option but to overeat later to make up for the deficit.

Going hungry in the morning is a disaster for anybody who dreams of a great and fit body.

Caffeine is known to give you an instant energy boost. However, giving your body a strong dose of caffeine on an empty stomach may have side effects that include nausea, dizziness and other unpleasant sensations. It is best to have tea or coffee after eating something.

Dehydrates your body
Tea is diuretic in nature which means that it removes the water from our body. Our body is already dehydrated due to eight hours of sleep and intake of water or food, tea only adds to that state of dehydration. Excessive dehydration will eventually cause an imbalance in minerals leading to muscle cramps.”

Drinking Coffee empty stomach builds tolerance for the drug, which diminishes the effect

Our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol (“stress hormone”) when we are either stressed or fearful. Cortisol hormone is also a key component of our natural, day-long hormonal cycle, known as the circadian clock, which helps wake us up in the morning and wind us down at night.

The gist is that when our body releases cortisol, we feel more awake. Cortisol levels are highest in the morning. There are two basic problems with consuming caffeine when cortisol production is high.

First, caffeine tends to interfere with the production of cortisol. The body then produces less of the hormone and relies more on the caffeine.

Second, drinking coffee while cortisol is high leads us to develop long-term tolerances for caffeine, which is why so many habitual coffee drinkers say it has less of an effect on them. In effect, caffeine replaces the boost we would ordinarily get from cortisol rather than supplementing it. so that there are many coffee drinkers complain coffee is ineffective.

Hence coffee consumption has fostered a decrease in the amount of cortisol their body produces during the day.

So what is the ideal time to have coffee/tea ?

Between roughly 10 a.m. and noon, and 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Between these hours, the coffee is actually most needed and you will get the most out of their caffeine., and, perhaps most importantly, will not interfere with our body’s own essential mechanism for keeping us alert.

Drinking Coffee at empty stomach Disrupts your metabolic activity

Drinking tea right in the morning may disrupt your metabolic system due to imbalance of acidic and alkaline substances in the stomach which can interfere with the regular metabolic activity of the body and keep you troubled through the day.

Drinking Coffee/tea at empty stomach Increases Acidity

Acidity in stomach and heartburn is very common nowadays. Coffee/Tea may cause acid reflux and heartburn. It may become more obviously while having a cup of coffee in the morning on empty stomach. When your stomach is empty, the acid doesn’t really have much to work with. Coffee will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid which may burden the stomach and cause abdominal distress.

It is found that quitting tea/coffee on empty stomach reduces acidity problem dramatically.

All that java will jumpstart the stomach’s production of acid, and if you haven’t already eaten something, the acid could damage your stomach’s lining and cause indigestion and heartburn. That goes for decaffeinated coffee, too.

Drinking Coffee/tea at empty stomach Increase Anxiety

Moderate drinking coffee at the right time may decrease your depression and makes you feel refreshed. However, contrary to this statement, When you consume a cup of coffee in the morning, your brain’s ability to process serotonin, a happy and calm hormone, may be weakened. In this way, you will feel anxiety and depressed. It can also boost your heart rate, irritability, and inability to focus.

Morning Tea can cause erosion of enamel in your teeth because of the presence of sugar

When you consume tea early morning, the bacteria in your mouth will breakdown the sugar which leads to increased acid levels in the mouth and this can cause erosion of the enamel in your teeth. It may even cause gingivitis due to excessive bacteria build up.

Milk in the tea may cause bloating 

Due to the presence of milk in the tea, many people may feel bloated majorly because of the high lactose content in the milk that can affect your gut when it is empty. This can lead to gas and constipation.
Caffeine on an empty stomach can wreak havoc with your digestive tract. 

Hydrochloric acid has a very important function to support the digestion of food and is therefore released when you eat, smell or even start thinking about food.

“Coffee, even decaffeinated coffee, has been shown to stimulate production of acid which, in the absence of food, can be damaging to the lining of the stomach with repeated exposure.

Start your morning with healthy substitutes

Do Remember this order: Wake up → Warm water → Breakfast → Coffee

Wake up with a cup of warm water or consume alkaline drinks in the morning like buttermilk, or lukewarm water with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. You can even start your day with lime water or methi water to reboot your system after long hours of rest. A few drops of coconut vinegar or apple cider vinegar with water, plain coconut water, raw honey and aloe vera juice are also good options.

and then have your breakfast (must have). This is the time to eat and to eat big. Eat anything like fruits, paratha, poha, roti, sabzi, upma, dosa etc. Anything that is fibre rich. Your cells receive nutrition through food and blood sugar comes to an optimum level and your metabolic activity starts functioning properly.

Finally, serve yourself a cup of delicious coffee/tea.  So ideal time to have tea is mid-morning after having your breakfast. The breathing rate, heart rate etc will still increase but now your first meal or breakfast will act as buffer.

Follow this order and you will not suffer from the above side effects of drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

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